10 Earthy Tone Mobile & Lightroom Preset

$ 5,00


Mother earth, we are created from her and we return to her.
When we are kind to her, she gives us all her gifts.
Light Air
And when we upset her, she gets angry with us.
The kind face of a mother is always soothing.
And the color and smell of rainy soil evoke a sense of softness.
We create this subtle feeling in your images.
Experience endless fun with our presets.
These 10 presets are made and prepared by professional experts,
For this reason, it has very high transparency, quality, and impact on your images.
This product is mostly used on images taken outdoors.
It also has the greatest effect on colors that are found in abundance in nature, colors such as green, blue, brown, and yellow.
Please read COMPATIBILITY before download.
10‭ ‬ACR presets‭ (.‬xmp files‭)‬
10 Desktop Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate files)
10 Mobile Lightroom Presets (.dng files)
-Lightroom 4, 5, 6, 7, CC (Creative Cloud) and Lightroom Classic
-Compatible with both Mac and PC
‭-‬For ACR Presets‭: ‬Photoshop CC6‭ ‬and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
-Works on RAW and JPEG images
-Adobe Lightroom Mobile
-Works with & without Adobe subscription
-Compatible with iPhone or Android device


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